The Economics Intensive Revision Programme offered by is specifically designed for JC1 students who are moving on to JC2 the following year. The programme aims to help students strengthen their foundation and build on their knowledge of the foundational topics covered in JC1. This is especially important for students who did not do well in their JC1 promotional examination and need to consolidate their mastery of JC1 economics topics.

The Intensive Revision Programme covers all the content required in the JC1 syllabus and provides students with comprehensive ‘A’ level Economics notes and model essays. These notes and essays are a valuable resource for students as they prepare for the A-Level examinations.

In addition to content coverage, the programme also focuses on answering techniques and essay-writing skills for higher-order essay questions. Students will learn strategies for tackling real examination questions and reviewing and clarifying common errors and misconceptions. They will also develop skills in writing evaluation points and value judgments, which are essential for scoring well in Economics.

At, we believe that an organised and systematic approach to learning is crucial for effective examination preparation. Our Economics Intensive Revision Programme is designed to provide students with a structured and organised learning experience, so they can maximise their learning and achieve their best results. Our experienced and dedicated tutors will provide guidance and support throughout the programme to ensure that every student is able to build on their knowledge and reach their full potential.