Intensive Revision Programme (For JC 1 moving on to JC 2 next year) — Conducted in December holidays only.

The Economics Intensive Revision Programme is conducted for JC 1 students who are moving to JC 2 next year.  The aim of this programme is to help students bridge the gap and level up on their knowledge of the foundational topics in JC 1. Students who did not do well in their JC 1 promotional examination are highly encouraged to join this programme to consolidate and strengthen their mastery of JC 1 economics topics.

Our Intensive Revision Programme not only covers content required in JC 1 syllabus, it also strengthens students’ understanding and confidence on a topic-by-topic basis. To create a systematic and organised learning process for effectient examination preparation, we will also provide comprehensive ‘A’ level Economics notes and model essays for students.

Key features of Economics Intensive Revision Programme:

  • Content coverage of JC 1 syllabus
  • ‘A’ level Economics revision notes and model essays provided
  • Answering techniques and essay-writing skills for higher-order essay questions
  • Acquire strategies for real examination questions
  • Learn to review and clarify common errors and misconceptions
  • Pick up skills in writing evaluation points and value judgments to ace in Economics