JCEconomics.com is a top A-level Economics tuition centre in Singapore which has received multiple awards and accolades over the years. Our Principal Economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok, is a highly-lauded Economics tutor in Singapore who strives to deliver quality lessons and help students achieve their fullest potential in Economics. 

  • “Singapore’s 5 most sought-after Super Tutors” -- The Sunday Times newspapers
  • “A teacher who puts theory into practice” -- The Sunday Times newspapers
  • “An inspirational and dedicated teacher” -- The Friday Weekly newspapers
  • “Top Economics tutor brings theories to life” -- Singapore Business Review magazine
  • "Star Economics tutor Anthony Fok helping students make sense of dollars!" -- Official938LIVE radio 'Money and Sense' segment
  • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.