The A-Levels is the most excruciating time when students hope and strive to do their best for the examinations to enter university. The overwhelming Economics syllabus may be demanding to many. However, our students are well-equipped with the requisite skills to excel in their Economics examinations.  Our JC Economics tuition in Singapore (i.e. the Intensive Revision Programme) is specially designed for JC 1 and JC2 students preparing for the examination. We provide comprehensive revision notes which not only cover the syllabus but highlights case study skills to tackle higher response questions, application of strategies to past years’ examinations questions. On top of this, Anthony will highlight common mistakes made by students and further sharpen the students’ analytical skills.

R.E.A.D. Methodology

Real World Application of Economic Theory students are taught to apply Economic theory to real life especially in their essays and case studies as it helps them to draw such connections when taking GCE A-Levels.

On top of that, we focus more on the Singapore economy because knowledge of the local economy is one of the most important requirements of the GCE A-Level paper. Therefore, students are taught to compare the qualities, key features and forces of local economy to with economy in other developed countries such as USA and Japan, and developing countries such as Brazil, China, India and Vietnam.

As a result, students are able to produce essays that are richer, more well-informed and comprise more high-quality evaluations, which help them to score Economics with flying colours.

Examination Techniques and Proven Tips

At, students are taught and guided personally by Mr Anthony Fok, who is more than just an ex-MOE teacher. He is the writer of the annual GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series as well as a host of A-Level Economics guidebooks. These economics guidebooks are widely used by tutors and teachers in lessons.

In addition, Anthony Fok imparts a great deal of fool proof techniques used by top scorers and gives tips that have been proven to secure As in examinations. All these tips have proven to be helpful and beneficial for students to ace in Economics.

Available for Consultation Outside of Tuition Hours

That’s right! Mr Anthony Fok is not only commited during tuition hours, he also devotes his time, effort and energy after tuition hours by answering students’ questions via WhatsApp and email.

He knows that the most effective learning occurs when it is in the “flow”. Hence, it is important for him to respond to students instantly whenever they encounter difficult questions. This is also due to the fact that it is hard for students to get back on course once their “flow” got interrupted. Consequently, students get to solve their questions without waiting an entire week until the next lesson, which is extremely helpful especially during the exam period.

Database of JC Level Economics Resources

At, students are given access to an extensive database, which includes notes on individual topics, syllabus, assessment formats, reading lists, exam and learning tips, checklists, keywords and so on. As you may already know, time is the essence when it comes to learning. Therefore, these notes are put together with key content so that the entire learning process gets to be shortened while students get the best out of their classes.

With the intention of helping students to remember Economics concept better, Anthony often makes use of amusing and interesting analogies during lessons. This method not only enables students to apply fundamental concepts to complement what they get from school, it also keeps them interested and look forward to be in class every week.