JCEconomics.com specialize only in the teaching of Economics to A level students in Singapore. At JCEconomics.com, we hope to instill in our students an interest and love for the subject. We aim to improve the students’ analytical and application skills so that they can score in the Economics examinations. We make learning fun and enjoyable by relating what is taught at school to what is experienced in the real world. All lessons are fully taught by JC Economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok, an experienced former MOE school teacher, who holds a Masters degree and is currently pursuing his PhD in Education.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

1. The leading A-Level Economics tuition centre in Singapore.
2. Anthony is a dedicated Economics tutor in delivering results.
3. A-Level Economics tutor with high qualification.
4. Anthony is not only an Economics tutor, he is also an author of Economics guidebooks.
5. Students at JCEconomics.com get exclusive notes that others don’t.
6. Students learn to apply Economic theory to the real world.
7. Students are trained to give answers that Cambridge examiners expect.
8. Conducive classroom environment for effective learning.